The Best Places To Smoke in the U.S. (for now)

While cannabis normalizes here in the states, more than a few of us are still wondering, “But where are all the canna lounges?” It’s great to be able to buy and possess penalty-free, but we’re all still asking the same question: Where can you smoke?

If only things were as simple as Amsterdam… (sigh) but the jurisdiction around weed consumption (in the states where it’s legal) remains a fickle beast, and will mostly be up to local governments to figure out.

In the meantime, here’s round up of some of our favorite canna clubs and cafes in the country. Keep in mind these places are still operating under member-subscriptions to circumnavigate the “no smoking in public” laws, and none are allowed to sell alcohol…so you’ll have to pick your poison.


iBake Denver


In many ways, CO has been leading the charge on weed legalization in all its forms, and the intro of canna-cafes is no exception.

iBake– This member-only spot has been a favorite place to consume in Denver for four years now, with one little caveat- they don’t sell weed (just pipes and tobacco). So think of this like a BYOB party. Bring whatever you want to smoke and enjoy lighting up in the company of like-minded stoners. Don’t forget about the discount you get on glassware with your membership.  

Studio420– This is another great place to smoke socially, but outside of Denver in Englewood. You can’t buy, but you can smoke whatever you bring (even cigars).


Sparc Dispensary, San Francisco


Northern California is heating up on the canna cafe map, but it still has a long way to go. We expect this list to multiply (by a lot) in the coming year.

Igzactly 420This dispensary meets vape-lounge is located right in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district…perfect to unwind before your treacherous commute.

Sparc- This fancy line of dispensaries have some of the nicest vape lounges in San Francisco- two in fact: in SOMA and Lower Haight. They also host game nights and live  jazz events. Living outside the city? Check out their Santa Rosa location.


A hearty breakfast from Wake and Bake.


Southern California knows what’s up when it comes to making cannabis cool. This is our #1 fave place to bake with friends:

Wake and Bake Breakfast Club– This one of a kind (for now) breakfast club offers members wifi, coffee, and of course- the green stuff. If you’re just in town to check it out, get their $10 day pass (which comes with a free cup of joe). This place is gritty, hip, and everything a canna cafe should be. It’s also probably the closest we’ll get to an Amsterdam-style coffee house for a while.

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