Cannabis Kiosks: The Future of Dispensaries

Legalization has grown to $6.6B across 21 states, and there’s no stopping it with polls rising to 64% of Americans in support of legalization (CNN, Mar 2018). With more cannabis savvy consumers at dispensaries than ever before, kiosks have a critical role to play.

Much like the self-checkout lines in major stores, kiosks allow select customers to purchase their products without unnecessarily taking up the valuable time of budtenders.

While budtenders are making suggestions, educating new customers and talking with those who want or need help the most, kiosks can be a point of service for customers who know exactly what they want, and simply want to get it and get out quickly.

Here are three reasons to consider adding a kiosk to your dispensary (if you haven’t yet):

  • Customers Like Kiosks
    For many of your customers, spending the majority of their day interacting with screens is nothing new. If you provide them with a well-built interface, they’re going to figure out how to use it— a lot faster than you think. There are also those people that prefer going digital than speaking with a budtender – consider people with social anxieties or a customer on the go. Purchasing from a machine can feel easier to a lot of people, and in many ways it is.
  • Kiosks Are Linked to Your POS
    Curious if a kiosk will sync to your entire POS system? Well here it is. Grasshopper is adding new POS partners every month so your program is compliant and tracking customer purchases across each system. You’ll be able to see what’s selling best, what upsells customers take advantage of, and what items pique their interest— which is important if these on-the-go customers don’t speak with one of your budtenders.
  • Kiosks Sell More Product
    Buying from an automated kiosk is a fun experience, and studies show that customers are likely to spend more when shopping with one. Well known brands are incredibly open about their sales increase after introducing digital point of sale kiosks. Cinemark has reported steady gains for 32 straight quarters after introducing self-service kiosks, and Taco Bell has reported that orders taken on their digital app on 20% pricier than those placed with a human cashier.


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