4 Top Cannabis Accounts To Follow

(Unfortunately, this turtle isn’t one of them.)

Looking for some fresh cannabis accounts to check out? Here are four of our favorites to get you started. 

1. Guaranteed To Make You Smile
It’s hard to put a finger on why we love @dabbing_granny so much, but it’s probably because she’s the grandma we all wish we had (also those ganja earrings are on point).






2. Get Your Outdoors Fix
@muh_riah’s Instagram isn’t just for canna-lovers— it’s also perfectly filled with moody gray outdoor scenes that will ignite your wanderlust (and make you want to up your Insta-game).






3. Get Inspired
A visit to @summerland_ceramics is what shopping for your next pipe would look like if the MoMA had a cannabis takeover. Think: Bongs + all the cool stuff you wish you had in your apartment.






4. Stay Creative
@national_joint_league will seriously make you reconsider every bold claim you’ve ever made about “rolling the best joint.” Check out the designs people come up with (hint: smokeable action figures are just the beginning). 📷: @michelangeroll

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