• Cannabis Kiosks At California’s 2017 Emerald Cup

    By Grasshopper Team January, 08

    Hells yeah we made it out to Emerald Cup 2017 this past weekend— and we even brought along two of our kiosks (where guests actually chose their own kush and seeds with a self-checkout, no kidding). Over the course of December 9th and 10th, thousands of members of the cannabis community arrived to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds to sample and buy ganja delicacies of all varieties.

    This year marked Emerald Cup’s 14th annual festival, with a killer turnout from the cannabis community and some amazing marijuana wares on display. Like every year, one of the best parts was undoubtedly the competitions— where judges chose the best cannabis edibles, flowers, and extracts (a big congrats and shout-out to our friends at Molecular Farms and the 3rd Gen Fam who both placed in flowers!)


    Our second favorite part? Getting to watch people discover our brand-new Grasshopper Kiosks, where we had seeds from @SeedsHereNow and a bunch of other cool stuff from @Stiizy for sale.

    Said friends from Ethos, “So we’re gonna buy some seeds from a vending machine, are you freaking kidding?”

    Nope, we’re not. With Grasshopper’s all new kiosks we’re making it easier, faster, and safer for consumers and dispensaries to buy and sell weed. Our technology offers climate-controlled storage and an automated inventory and payment tracking system that is 100% compliant.

    Our machines stock branded seeds, prerolls, and oils— all available for selection from a touchscreen. We like to keep things simple, smart, and oh-so-fun. Ask your local dispensary when they plan on giving us a call. We’ll just be over here stocking up the good stuff.