Grasshopper is the collaboration of long-time, cannabis industry champions and top merchandising professionals to bring the next evolution in compliant, cannabis merchandising to retail operators, brands, and consumers. Our innovative engineering team has designed the first of its kind product suite of ADA compliant automated kiosks and teller assist technology. Grasshopper works alongside licensed retailers and brands of any size to provide a faster and more compliant way to service customers. As a result, retailers and brands alike drive greater revenues, create a new way to purchase products and deliver on the promise of a safe, more compliant, and ease-of-use experience for all cannabis consumers.

Made in the USA, Grasshopper is a state-of-the-art, touch-screen vending machine that can take cash, credit, or debit. Fully customizable to dispense products of multiple size and shape, price, and temperature. Engineers monitor behind the scenes daily to improve functionality for both the consumer and the merchant.

Grasshopper's automated sales kiosks are purposefully designed to work in accordance with complex regulations in the largest legal cannabis markets in the world. The Grasshopper systems provide secure, climate-controlled product storage, and compliant automated inventory and payment tracking designed to streamline transaction times while collecting real-time data about inventory and sales trends.

Grasshopper also provides dispensaries with a Controlled Access Inventory System. Items are dispensed via proprietary tracking software designed to interface with the industry's leading compliant POS systems, as required in the regulated cannabis industry. Grasshopper looks forward to helping permitted retailers streamline customer experience, improve their record keeping, reduce shrinkage, and better preserve and display valuable products.

We are here to help sell cannabis faster, safer, and better than ever.