A New Brand Experience. Custom Promotions. Native Advertising.

Hey Brands —

Ever since we caught wind of Weedmaps hosting this year's Green Oasis at Coachella and Leafly opening up one of the first cannabis lounges at Northern Nights, we've had event sponsorships on our mind.

With recreational use in full-swing, the cannabis lounge is going to become the next beer garden. As our small canna-market becomes more heavily saturated, we're all going to need to be more forward-thinking— not only to capture new customers, but also to keep our existing ones.

Grasshopper sits at the intersection of cannabis retail and tech- and we are partnering with some of the most innovative brands to offer awesome experiences at live events and festivals. With the only ADA-approved machines on the market, our kiosks are leading the way in compliant cannabis retail merchandising.

Our automated kiosks offer brands the opportunity to leverage the power of experiential marketing— putting your name out there at live events where it counts.

Here are just some of things a partnership with us could do for your brand :

Native Advertising
Increase native advertising by offering immediate brand recognition via product-specific kiosk wraps, touch-screen advertisement, and product education driven by your marketing team
Digital Campaigns
Showcase digital campaigns by with product-specific promotions, video ads, and baker marketing integrations for in-store and pre-order
Enhance reporting by with the breakdown on individual product revenues, multiple location analysis, and monitoring tax and cash flow

Recreational use is changing the cannabis market for all of us.

Are you ready?

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