Shorten Wait Time. Improve Customer Experience. Decrease Costs.

Leading dispensaries across California are creating new opportunities for their retail program. Grasshopper Kiosks and Teller Assist Programs are helping them do that.

Canna-tourism and a growing recreational population are becoming the next big thing. Everyone in the industry is stepping up to offer competing customer experiences, and pretty soon picking up an eighth is going to be as easy as calling an Uber.

So how will you stand out and take your business to the next level?

We've got a few ideas.

With the only ADA-approved machines on the market, Grasshopper Kiosk is leading the way in offering fully-customizable automated kiosks for dispensaries.

Our teller assist technology and kiosk platforms (available in four different models) are going to make your business better (and we hope - your life easier) by shortening wait times, increasing productivity, and protecting and tracking your inventory.

Here's how we're going to get you ready for all the canna-tourists pouring in for their first pack of pre-rolls:

We handle painful regulatory compliance stuff. We create on-demand sales reports, real-time inventory management, as well as real-time tax and cash flow monitoring.
We help streamline your operations by decreasing product and currency shrinkage and maximizing retail space.
We assist your budtenders to provide a better customer experience by minimizing wait times (especially during peak hours when staff is swamped) and giving budtenders the chance to offer better customer interactions.

As a cannabis retail-tech company, it's our passion to create better dispensary experiences for everyone - your customers, your budtenders, your management staff and you. We know these are some pretty big changes coming up so we're here to make it easier.

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