Elevate Your Service

Having the shortest lines, the best selection, and happy workers seems like a good place to start. With the only ADA-approved machines on the market, Grasshopper is pioneering the industry with fully-customizable automated cannabis kiosks.

Our products come in a range of sizes to suit your needs: From multi-dispense self service kiosks to order fulfillment lockers, and product loading wall-mounts. All Grasshopper products offer 24/7 product inventory monitoring, airtight security, product temperature control, and fully-customizable displays.

How will you guarantee the future of your dispensary?

Easy To Use

Self-service express lane

Intuitive on-screen commands

Detailed product descriptions

Optimized For Efficiency

Reliable uninterrupted service

No sick days, no payroll, reduced shrinkage

More Captured Revenue

Fast transactions in under one minute

Accepts cash, credit, and smart payments

Easily paired with any POS system

Limited 280 E Tax Exposure

Remote on-demand sales reports

Real-time inventory management

Tax and cash flow monitoring

The Smallest Footprint On The Market

Airtight security with a sleek design

What We Do


Our technology offers much more than a simple express lane. We also work behind the scenes to improve the overall productivity and security of your business. Here are just a few ways we can help:

We handle all the regulatory compliance stuff.
By creating on-demand sales reports, plus real-time inventory management, tax, and cash flow monitoring.
We make your employees happy.
By allowing them to provide better customer service with shorter wait times.
We streamline operations.
By decreasing product and currency shrinkage and tapping into your POS.
We make customers happy too.
With daily restock on the most popular items, products sold at optimal freshness, and the unparalleled experience of buying weed from a machine, because yeah, it’s pretty fun.

Request your free demo to learn more.

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