Kiosks: The Newest Trend In Cannabis

The easiest and fastest way to get marijuana is finally here…and it’s not from your roommate. Our ADA- compliant cannabis kiosks (which were recently featured in High Times) make it possible for you to stroll into your local dispensary and enjoy a self-service checkout for all the best cannabis products.

You can check out our kiosks in Berkeley at one of California’s pioneer dispensaries, where customers have already been buying all the yummy wares we have for sale.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re packing:


And not to toot our own horn, but our kiosks aren’t just for the anti-social canna-customer looking to buy a quick gram and get out…we also designed them to help dispensaries: By allowing them to sell more and making it easier to follow all the new compliance regulations.

Our CEO Martin Kaufman recently said, “One of our top priorities is working with dispensaries to help them create a brand distinction in the market with a tool that enhances the customer experience and protects regulatory compliance.”

2018 might just be the best year for the canna-community yet.

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