What’s A Cannabis Kiosk? (Hint: More Than A Vending Machine)

We won’t make you work this hard at our kiosk. Find more weird 60’s vending machines here.

Still not sure what a cannabis kiosk is? Check it.

Like every other modern shopping experience, our founders saw the need to automate the buying experience happening in dispensaries. After all, budtenders can only do so much. And with dispensaries receiving more traffic now than ever before, there’s got to be a way to keep customer wait times down without hiring every single budtender in the zip code.

Then there’s that tricky little thing called compliance. New laws mean new taxes and regulations. How are dispensary owners planning on managing these?

And so the kiosk was born (imagine the Star Wars soundtrack playing as you read this).



Our kiosks give customers a way to select and pay for cannabis products with an automated machine. Scroll through a menu, make a selection, insert your payment, and boom, weed in your hands. ?  No need for chit-chat, and hopefully, no need to wait in some crazy line.

And although it’s tempting to draw the comparison, we’re doing so much more than your average vending machine.

“What really makes us unique is the ability to build a dynamic shopping cart,” said Martin, our CEO, in a recent interview with Cannabis Tech.

What We Do Better Than The Thing In Your Break Room

  • With a Grasshopper Kiosk, you learn detailed information about the products you’re buying via the intuitive touchscreen
  • You can return to view items you previously viewed (aka, machine got back-button)
  • You can hold products in your shopping cart, and even change the quantities before checkout
  • And oh yea, you can buy a bunch of stuff at once. Can’t decide between two favorites? Get em’ both! Dangerous, we know. ? 


We’d bet this whisky machine couldn’t do all that.

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