Budtenders & Kiosks: Why Dispensaries Need Both

Cannabis kiosks might seem like the next chapter in job automation (AKA robots stealing jobs), but we’re here to tell you that’s not what’s happening.

The cannabis industry is evolving at lightning speed, and kiosks just happen to be the best way to provide excellent customer service— right alongside (and not instead of) your budtenders.

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you: the industry needs more budtenders. Not only do these folks act as a first point of contact for your customers, but they also represent the face of our industry. Budtenders are important for making customers feel welcome and being on the answering end of their questions. They’re also very often experienced cannabis consumers themselves, which means their recommendations are on-point and custom tailored to your customers.

All of which is to say, kiosks won’t be replacing budtenders any time soon. Just the same way that self-service stations and cashiers work side-by-side in the supermarket, so kiosks and budtenders will work together to enhance customer service. Some customers will seek a kiosk to check out quickly and quietly, while others will choose a budtender to help with a special request or offer more expert advice.

Having automated systems at their fingertips will also help budtenders do their best work. Imagine what your team could do with a compliant digital index of product information that included on-demand sales reports, product inventory, and extra perks like ranked top-sellers.

Less time doing the work of a kiosk means budtenders have more time to do the work of a human. And that’s what our industry really needs: continued combined service that provides the best possible human experiences.

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