3 Things All Top Dispensaries Have

(And What You Can Learn From Them)

Looking to bring your dispensary to the next level? Here are some insights from a few of California’s top dispensaries, and what you can do to replicate their success.

Minimalist Design
Gone are the days when canna-consumers will enter dark and dingy shops to buy their green. Even before legalization (although especially since) dispensaries have been moving towards brighter, cleaner, and more open interior designs.

Consider the now-famous MedMen— also known as the “Apple store of weed.” This chain of dispensaries (with 13 locations and counting) is quickly attracting loyal customers with a clean design and user-friendly spaces (which include tablets on spare counters where buyers can read about strains in color-coded graphics). Not only does the store keep a loyal following, it also makes cannabis feel accessible to brand new consumers.

MedMen New York


Product Variety
There are all kind of cannabis consumers these days, and they’re looking for way more than just the standard pre-rolls. In the past few months vapes and edibles have been on the rise, and let’s not forget about the increased trend towards microdosing. Consumers don’t only want to have a choice in selection, they also want more visibility into what they’re consuming. Be sure to choose products that offer your guests variety, and have the detailed dosage information on-hand to back it up. More importantly, make sure your product partners are moving into compliance with new packaging regulations.


Exhale Med Center, via High Times



Personalized Experience
Like any small business, offering guests a personalized experience is paramount to earning their loyalty. Employ budtenders that go above and beyond and you’ll be rewarded with happy customers. Consider top-rated dispensaries Exhale Med Center and MMD, both of which are highly reviewed for their “friendly service.” In an industry that’s becoming more saturated by the minute, personality still goes a long way.

Another approach to making your business more personalized is to add a customer loyalty program. The taxes in the legalized market leave many consumers spending more than they’d like, making it worth their time to return to the place that saves them money. Offer frequent buyer perks or even daily product giveaways, like the favorite San Francisco 4:20 daily giveaway at Shambala Medical Cannabis Collective.

And finally, don’t forget to invest in tech. Cannabis, like all markets, is undeniably moving to become more and more digitized— with features like online ordering, self-checkout, and in-store pickup becoming the new norm. Curious how you can take your dispensary to the next level? Learn more about our kiosks and what they can do for your business.

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